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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  June 8, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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utility company's shabby record keeping, not shady business practices. >> this site behind us is one that has been an open wound for this community now for almost a year. >> reporter: right now it just looks like a tarp covered pit with vacant lots next to it but on september ninth last year part of this san bruno neighborhood was consumed by flames which left eight people dead and 38 homes damaged. the head of the ntsb accompanied u.s. representative jackie spear today on a tour of the area that her agency has spent the last nine months investigating. >> we are indeed making progress with this accident investigation and learning things and changing things so this type of event won't occur again. >> reporter: now the ntsb knows it happened before. back in 1988 there was a leak nine miles from here on line 132, the same one that ruptured last september. what upsets ntsb chief is that
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it took nearly five months after asking for all of the information about prior incidents on that pipeline for pg&e to inform the ntsb about it. >> we certainly would have expected to see that earlier in this process. >> reporter: she says the ntsb wanted to complete its investigation into the san bruno fire within a year of the accident, but this kind of delay may have slowed down the agency. brian swanson says the utility wasn't trying to hide anything from the ntsb, swanson says it was a small leak that was discovered during an annual inspection and repaired soon afterward. but employees only found documents about it a few weeks ago. >> we've acknowledged several times since this tragedy that our record keeping practices aren't where they should be. >> reporter: now, the ntsb issued recommendations based on what they've learned so far and one of them is for utility company employees, if they discover that there's something wrong with a pipeline, they should identify which community it's taking place and then call
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911. now, while that might seem like a very obvious thing to do, unfortunately that is not what happened in san bruno back in september. live in san francisco, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. now, it's not unusual for police to provide us with video of a suspect they're looking for so we can show it to you, and we're going to do that in just a moment, but what makes this story so different is that the video was caught not by surveillance cameras, but by the victim herself on her phone. >> can you please leave? >> why? >> how did you get in here? >> the remarkably calm 28-year-old victim caught this victim of the suspect as he raced off with electronics from her home. police say the man broke into the home and sexually assaulted the woman. she suffered minor injuries. police say the man is in his early 40s, about 5'9" with a thin build. if you have information, you're asked to call the oakland police department.
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a developing story out of new york tonight where there's a new added twist to the online sex scandal involving anthony weiner, sources now confirm to nbc news that weiner and his wife are expecting their first child. as nbc bay area's kristen dahlgren reports, the revelation hits just as the disgraced congressman spent the day calling colleagues to apologize for the photo scandal. >> i -- >> reporter: another day after his tearful confession and more democrats distancing themselves from representative anthony weiner, how can you explain that somebody can be so smart but so stupid? senate candidate and former dnc chair tim kaine said, lying about something publicly is unforgivable and he should resign. while the current rnc chair called on dems to pressure weiner to go. >> nancy pelosi needs to do her job and be a leader of her caucus until anthony weiner to really hit the bricks and go
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home. >> he does a good job, let him do his job. >> reporter: nancy ploes has asked the house ethics committee to investigate. >> if house resources were used in this sexual contact, he could face concerns or problems under the code of conduct of the house. >> reporter: but there are new allegations. tmz reporting weiner had an online relationship with former porn star ginger lee and offered to help her cover it up. >> cameras are showing up, calling her family members, stuff like that. she is upset about it and asking him and he basically says, look, do you have need pr advice? >> reporter: as for weiner's wife, the top hillary clinton aide left tuesday for a seven-day state department trip to africa. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. cal trains service is getting back this afternoon after a person was hit and killed, cal train 133 hit the person near peninsula avenue
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buff the exact circumstances have yet to be revealed. the san mateo county coroner has yet to determine the victim's i.d. the train was heading north bound from san jose. both directions of track were shut down during the investigation, but both have since reopened. today's death is the eighth fatality on cal train tracks this year. the 17-year-old accused gunman was charged today with murdering a 3-month-old baby in east palo alto on sunday morning. today he also faced the baby's family in court. charged as an adult in san mateo county. as for the baby, 3-month-old izack jesus' garcia's father arrived with his arm in a sling, the baby's mom in a wheel chore. 17-year-old fabian zaragoza is charged with murder and investigators say zaragoza was watching the house where the family was attending a party and that he confused the family with some accused gang members.
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izack will be buried friday one day before he would have turned just 4 months old. his accused killer will return to court a week from today to enter a plea. he faces life in prison without parole. a 16-year-old accomplice is facing weapons charges in juvenile court. arson investigators in berkeley have their hands full looking into two suspicious fisfis fires in berkeley hills blocked from each other and roughly the same time. the first happened at a home in the 500 block, a garage and car outside were destroy the. while firefighters were fighting the fire they noticed another down the street. both fires were put out quickly and no one was injured. the case surrounding the beating of the san francisco giants fan at dodger stadium is now being changed hands. the l.a. police department's northeast division is transferring are the investigation to a special unit that handles high profile cases. police say the demands of the case have become more complex and more prolonged, and the lapd
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central robbery homicide detectives are better equipped to handle it. police have arrested one suspect in the march 31st beating but so far he has yet to be charged. more than a dozen local state federal authorities conducted raids this week that they claim have dismantled one of northern california's most notorious gangs. one with ties to the state prison system and mexican drug cartels. they arrested 1 gang members. they're all bieved to be members of the knew lestra familia game. law enforcement made the arrest in ma da madera and merced counties. they ceased more than two dozen firearms as well as marijuana plants, crack cocaine, and over $60,000. attorney general harris spoke about the details behind operation red zone earlier today. >> among those arrested were two senior nuestra familia
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commanders. and with this operation, we then took out both leadership and the foot soldiers. >> those 101 arrested will face charges of attempted murder, assault, and drug trafficking. education creates jobs, that's the message president obama delivered in congress today, as it debates how to cut spending. the president says budget cuts shouldn't slash education programs aimed at improving u.s. competitiveness globally. he's encouraging businesses to partner with technical schools to help students get better jobs. >> we've got to rebuild a middle class and a lot of that has to do with how well we do in manufacturing. >> manufacturers cut 5,000 jobs last month. the first loss in seven months. republicans say there are too many federal programs dealing with jobs and in order for the economy to recover, the government just needs to get out of the way. well, u.s. soldiers charged hundreds for bringing their luggage back from afghanistan. how they used youtube to win
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their battle against the airline. and how well could you have eat on $4.33 a day? one california lawmaker takes on the challenge. we'll show you what was on her menu today. and facial plumping, using your own blood? we'll show you the vampire face-lift. good afternoon, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. some sun after a little bit of morning cloud cover here in san francisco. not a bad day out there. and as we head throughout tonight, a little bit of cloud cover. but here is the big thing. we could be in for, yes, some of the waest rmather this year. i'll let you know when that could arrive, coming up. [ female announcer ] kick off summer at the jcpenney as big as it gets sale!
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an extra $200 each in baggage fees. they ended up paying a total of $2800 for the whole unit of 34 soldiers. the soldiers were returning home from deployment in afghanistan. in this youtube clip, they say they are not happy that they had to pay out of pocket for the fourth bag. >> we had four bags, delta airline only allows three bags. anything after three bags you have to pay for. there's a contract between the united states government and delta airlines when returning from afghanistan on military orders, you're authorized up to four bags. >> not happy. not happy at all. >> that video you just saw went viral. nearly 200,000 views, later delta posted a blog message saying it had revised its bag fee policy for troops. the airline will now allow troops to travel with four free bags. >> should return their money, too. a battle over plastic in congress today, bankers and
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retailers went head to head over credit card swipe fees and the banks did lose. the u.s. senate voted to let the federal reserve lower credit card swipe fees beginning next month. at an average of 44 cents per transaction, the fees have been a huge source of income for banks. that adds up to $16 billion a year. but retailers complain that those fees hurt them and their customers have been complaining too. starting next month, the fees will be capped at 12 cents a swipe. >> the main street community banks are a different story. these small guys who had nothing to do with the financial crisis did not have that same flexibility that the wall street banks have. >> some senators expect banks to approach retailers with a different plan over the next six weeks. 30 years after the first case of aids was identified, the u.s. government says there are still a surprising number of undiagnosed cases. the cdc says about 20% of people infected with hiv don't even
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know they have it until it's too late. one in three will develop aids within a year of an hiv diagnosis. a new analysis shows the states with greatest number of late diagnoses are florida, new york, texas, georgia, and california was not included in the study. june is national hunger awareness month and for the fourth year in a row a state lawmaker has decided to shine a light on the problem. she's just completed taking the hunger challenge. she pledged to live for one week on the nation's average weekly food stamp benefit of $4.33 a day. taking the challenge helps her put the problem of hunger in perspective. >> for people who do not have access to that kind of extra supplemental food, i think it really just heightens the contradictions that we face here as legislators when we are making policies and voting on
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budget items that we know are going to hurt real people. >> the menu today? turkey burger, ramen noodles and green beans on top. fast food chicken and pizza were too expensive. toll lane cheaters may soon find it harder to operate in the east bay. operators of the first toll lane on 680 are planning to install cameras. they hope to catch solo drivers illegally taking the 14-mile express lane without paying the toll. the system would also help the chp by quickly identifying cheaters. violators will be sent notices to pay the toll. if the cameras are reliable, the joint powers agency will create stiffer fines to paralyze toll cheats. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri where things are looking a little sunnier these days. >> yes, yes, not only the next couple of days, but maybe even into next week. some of the warmest weather of not only the past couple of months but for the entire year
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could be coming our way in the next seven days. oakland right now we have haze mixed in with some sunshine. 62 right now in oakland, winds southwest at 15 miles per hour. numbers are mild to warm here for the south bay. 72 sunnyvale, 71 livermore, and coastline keeping numbers in the upper 50s and low 60s. as we head throughout tonight, we'll see the coastal wind with us, helping to produce low clouds, reminiscent of the past couple days. here's the thing, a possibly several 80-degree days coming in our seven-day forecast. yes, a little bit of a sigh of relief there after all this cold weather we've had throughout may and also for june. satellite loop is clear, we have a storm system about 2,000 miles away but that will break apart, it's not going to have any chance of moving into the bay area with high pressure situated just offshore. we'll call it warm with 80s expected inland and thursday it
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still stays dry in the forecast. let's get a look at the timing of everything. as we head throughout tonight we'll see cloud cover build off the coastline. for tomorrow morning, more patchy fog to start, more low clouds from the north bay to the south bay and also into the east bay communities as well. as we head into the noon hour and evening hours tomorrow we'll have more sunny skies rebounding here, but that coastal wind, that will keep numbers from getting widespread into the 80s as we head into our thursday forecast. what you'll note is that tomorrow, 52 san jose, 53 fremont, 53 oakland, and for thursday, those numbers in the upper 70s to low 80s here in the south bay. 80 evergreen, 77 san jose, 77 los gatos, 75 dublin, and low to mid-70s from san mateo to atherton down into cupertino. close to 80 in concorde and 80 in pitsburg. a few lone 80 degrees tomorrow
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and it will feel pretty much like 80 anyways. more anytime on the weather channel or cable. you like that scientific take. 82 tuesday, 85 wednesday, and some of the models by next thursday are even pushing potentially upper 80s. yes. i didn't want to say it too loud. >> gasp. >> jeff, thank you very much. well, if wrinkles are driving you batty, something called, are you ready? a vampire face-lift could help you. some experts, though, are skeptical. nbc's erica edwards gives you a nibble. >> reporter: this is the face of the latest beauty fad to sweep the nation. well, sort of. many patients are gushing over what's been dubbed the vampire face-lift. >> the nasal labial folds, crows feet, wrinkles up here. >> smile. relax. >> reporter: it's a dermal plumping system called cell
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fill. it gets its ghoulish name because blood is drawn from the arm. doctors separate the blood's platelets, then reinject the resulting mixture into the face. >> they stimulate your own tissue to produce collagen and so they're more of a volume producing product as opposed to a filler that's occupying space. >> the procedure can take a bite out of your wallet, costing at least $1,000. some experts say there's not enough independent research into cell phil and warn against throwing money into this fountain of youth. president of the american society of plastic surgeons -- >> there is no long-term study to show it will plump your face for as long as fat or injectable filler substances. >> reporter: still, doctors who perform this procedure say cell fill is less likely to cause lumps and bumps associateded with some fillers. patients are drawn to using their own blood rather than a toxin. >> you did something.
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what did you do? and that's what you want to hear. >> reporter: it may be another way to get youthful looking skin even in the twilight of life. >> some patients have seen results last as long as 15 months after their procedure. coming up, an ingredient in chicken feed causing concern tonight. what the fda says about the impact on humans. also, why experts say they're seeing more dogs getting heart disease, even though they're taking preventative medicine. ♪
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>> political fallout from the scandal involving anthony weiner is putting the spotlight on, of all people, alec baldwin. he's considering a run for new york city mayor because representative weiner may not run. baldwin will have time for politics. he said in the past that next season of "30 rock" will be his last, and he might leave acting
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entirely. drug company pfizer is pulling a product that it manufactures for chicken feed, of all things, off the market because of arsenic concerns. that announcement comes after an fda study shows chicken meat may contain small amounts of the chemical arsenic. it was found in chicken feed made by pfizer and experts say it may make its way into parts of the bird that are eaten. the fda is stressing the amount is tiny and really not dangerous to people who eat it but it's been banned anyway. we all know dogs can become a part of our families, and that's what makes this next story so bothersome. experts say a new strain of heart worm is making some medicines less effective and putting your dog's life at risk. heart worms can grow up to 14 inches and invade a dog's heart. mosquitos can pass on the disease with a single bite. doctors say they're seeing more and more cases of this new strain. >> it's not really that the medications are not good, i
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think they're still doing what they're supposed to do for that particular strain. it's the new strains that are the problem. >> it can take up to six months for heart worms to cause any symptoms. watch for coughing, weight loss and length argy. if you suspect heart warms, talk to your vet about treatment options for the new strain of the disease. the periodic table just got a little bit bigger. an international committee of chemists and physicists including some from the bay area added two new elements. numbers 114 and 116. the elements still don't have an official name. they exist for less than a second before they decay. scientists in russia found the elements in 2004 and 2006. on average, new elements have been added only about once every 2 1/2 years. still ahead, we're going to impressive but will it impact earth? the latest on an armageddon sized solar flair. t
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finally tonight, the video of the day, curtsy nasa. >> it's a solar flare. it was recorded tuesday by an orbiting satellite. this is only classified as a medium size solar flare and this is equivalent of billions of nuclear bombs exploding. nasa says solar energy released could have a small effect on satellites and even on some power grids. so far, though, no word of any trouble. billions of nuclear bombs? that's a lot. that's a lot. thank you very much for joining
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us tonight. "nightly news" is next. >> and we'll be back at 6:00. we'll see you then.
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